Geoff Hobson started his career as a fishing guide in the Queen Charlotte Islands. Surrounded by amazing scenery and beauty, he turned to photography to capture images of local wildlife, guests and their fishing experiences. He continued in the off seasons to supplement his collection of fine photographs with the beautiful outdoor scenery on Vancouver Island, taking pictures of local attractions and fishing enthusiasts. Along the way, he became a regular contributor to many well known outdoors magazines.

After many years of fishing, writing and photography, Geoff shifted his focus to pursue a career in his other passion, woodworking. With the photography still an important part of his life, he combined his love for photography and fine woodworking. He enjoyed capturing architectural images of house elements he and his company had produced. In doing so, he also gained experience staging the rooms and using light to get the full effect of showcasing a home artistically through the lens of a camera.

The sheer diversity to Geoff’s collection of photographs shows he has always been able to combine his hobbies, his surroundings and work into something that he loves. From wildlife, scenery, fishing, people, woodwork, and architectural images, he has photographed it all over the last 15 years.